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Hello guys, some of you may know me and some of you may not, and I seriously think it's time the Pro Clubs community came together and demanded changes to a game mode that has so much WASTED potential. Before I continue just let me draw your attention to a quote made by David Rutter back in 2008 when the first incarnation of Pro Clubs was introduced into the game -

"Longer term I see the time when you have managers, an economy system whereby you might be able to buy or sell real human players online and have contracts with clubs, where playing FIFA becomes an alternate reality to the real world of football. The day will come where there are virtual equivalents of David Beckham or Ronaldinho, from different parts of the world, who are expert FIFA gamers and clubs are clamouring to recruit them to represent their side, just like the real world. Ultimately the ambition for studio is to have the best 11 English FIFA football players at each position playing against the best 11 American, German, and Italian FIFA football players at each position to actually stage a virtual world cup where you have the very best strikers, midfielders and defenders from around the world playing FIFA against each other to earn the right to be the world's best FIFA football team."

It's been a LONG 8 years since then and it's quite clear that we're nowhere near what David Rutter first envisaged and I'm struggling to remember the last SIGNIFICANT change to the game mode. From what I understand the mentality on EA's side is that 'there aren't many people playing it, so we won't develop as much for it' which, quite frankly, I find an appalling attitude to have considering the main reason for the lack of popularity is the developers neglect towards the game mode. The game mode lost it's popularity when it became all about 5'6 strikers with blue afros running around all over the place and so alot of people stopped playing. But instead of fixing the issue, adding more variety to player styles and adjusting the game play so it didn't favour those types of players, to try and get people back into the game mode, they just left it the same with some minor tweaks here and there; thinking it would keep the small amount of hardcore players happy... Well they were wrong, because we're not happy and the 'small amount of players' is actually alot bigger than people would think.

You just have to look at the success of external Pro Clubs sites like the VFL to see just how popular Pro Clubs really is. I just want to make something clear, this isn't me trying to advertise VFL or myself, this is simply trying to get EA to notice what this game mode could become. The VFL has EVERYTHING that David Rutter saw for the future of Pro Clubs. There are TEN individual leagues on Xbox One and SIX individual leagues on PS4, which has only been around a fraction of the time the Xbox leagues have. Both consoles have their respective cup competitions, Champions League, Europa League and International Cup. There are transfers, contracts and a variety of other features JUST LIKE THE REAL LIFE GAME. There is a member base of 26,000 people, which has been basically built through word of mouth and videos from smaller YouTubers like myself, which is incredible considering that when I joined 2 years ago the VFL had just under 800 members. Imagine if it had exposure on a global level?

For me it's clear to see that Pro Clubs should be at the forefront when it comes to FIFA eSports, as the current direction of FIFA eSports is stale and lacks any fan entertainment due to the nature & style of professional 1v1 FIFA players.

I'm not sitting here asking about minor cosmetic changes like custom kits or anything as redundant as that. I'm asking for wholesale changes to the mode and a completely new direction focused on the vision David Rutter had back in 2008 before Pro Clubs becomes nothing more than a wikipedia page talking about what might have been.

I don't want to mention any competitors but it's a very real possibility that the FIFA games won't be on top forever and, in my opinion, should a competitor utilize the Pro Clubs model and execute it well that day may come alot sooner.

There is a large community that has been very quiet for a long time but if our favorite game mode continues to be neglected then they will become very vocal.

I have a video on my channel with just a few ideas that I have on how to take the game mode to the next level. Maybe you agree with some of them, maybe you don't, but you cannot argue that I have alot of valid points in what I say. The comments section alone makes for an interesting read. Please check it out.

EA Sports have ignored us for too long and it's about time they started to realise the potential Pro Clubs has to be THE game mode on FIFA. I'd be interested to hear any and all thoughts on the matter.

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