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Messi(rw) in a 4-3-3(2) need help

79 posts Park Captain
currently have have Messi at rw in 4-3-3(2). no matter what instructions or tactic I use it seems he is always trailing the play or not in a scoring position when he receives the ball. at this point his output isn't warranting his price. really want him to work in the squad anyone have some advice?


  • ha032742
    36409 posts Moderator
    Use a different formation tbh if you want him to score more.
  • mjustic
    1318 posts Professional
    Try him in 4-3-3(5) as a CF or RW or in 4-3-2-1 as RF and you'll be glad you bought him.
  • Biglij
    79 posts Park Captain
    I moved him to rf in game keeping everything else the same in 4-3-3(2) and he work a little better but not much. one game I benched messi for hulk and hulk scored twice lol. I think i am leaning towards selling messi for Tots di maria as he has better workrates
  • gallo_lowks
    130 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Play him left striker in a 41212(2) and abuse near post finish.
  • WAHOOpride3
    163 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Try him in the formation 4-3-3(4) and he should be more effective. I had him there and was already ready to score!
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