Hacker? Or EA being nice hahaha?

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Heck no


  • MaddMike3711
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    Yes sir... Didnt even open that link

  • Any tym7
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    I dont get the point of people trying to hack u anymore even if ur dumb enough to give them your details and they take everything u got ea ban transferring of coins with there new program that detects unusual sales between accounts ..
    so if they sent all ur coins to themselves next day they wake up and find both accounts wiped out anyway .
    i mean people here are losing all there coins for transfer very little amounts these days
  • Kove
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    FUT_16Prizes... seems totally legit.

    Unfortunately if it works 1 time in 1000 it is worth while for the people that run these things.

    I knew someone who stupidity went through with it on another game and his entire account was compromised and liquidated inside 30 minutes.
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    111 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Its like when you could swap players on fifa 10 remember that lol i got my fernando torres swiped frome me
  • paulNL
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    Send them to a newly made account
  • BU11ET
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    There's a difference between a hacker and somebody that wants you to send them your log in details. If it was a hacker you proberly wouldn't of received that message, you would of just logged in one day and your players/coins would of gone.
  • gia
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    phishing, not hacking...
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