How do you rate the BPL TOTS strikers against the other league strikers?

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Any thoughts on the matter? I feel like they are the worst of all leagues, but is just a feeling. Anyone have a valid opnion about that?



  • Slawter
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    PL has 2 TOTS STs that are good but not everyone's cup of tea in Kane and Vardy.
    1 poor TOTS ST in Ighalo.
    And 2 great ones in Aguero and Lukaku.

    2 great strikers and 1 or 2 that not everyone will like seems similar in all leagues;
    Higuain and Dybala in Serie A, with Icardi for some.
    Auba/Lewan in Bundes with Muller and Raffael for some.

    All depends on what you like.
  • Boysie91
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    Kane was average for me. I prefer playing Rooney
  • wijnaldum16
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    Depends on your style of play. Could say any of Aguero, Lewandowski, Higuain, Lacazette etc are the best.
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