Motm Lahm

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Has anyone had the chance to try him out? Tied with Toty Alves for highest IG rating at RB according to Frenchie


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    Carvajal looks better and is cheaper than both.

    Not used lahm, but have used toty Alves and he is fairly decent tbf.

    Lahm looks too slow, and weak to be trusted against sweaty wingers in such an important position.

    And his best stats, interceptions and passing are better suited to cdm in my opinion
  • Honour and a pen15
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    Fair points, i have a tots carvajal i packed, and have used him before. Was thinking lahm looked fun and different. Plus... Orange haha
  • Batjuice19
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    Based on previous games I would always choose Lahm over any of those.

    He's always super agile and quick... Pace isn't that important this year most of my defense is under 60 pace including rb and lb under 70 and never have issues in div 1
  • Quinn87
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    If your looking for someone to get you the ball back, intercept and make crucial tackles / be in the right place at the right time. Then there is no better than lahm! ... If your looking for someone who attacks better and can get you assists down the wing then TOTY Alves.
  • scirocco727
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    Both are awful to me. Lahm is too weak, alves always out of position.
  • PTYBrozzzz
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    Diekmeier >
  • Bouzid18
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    lahm is a beast. play him in midfield
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