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A few years ago I posted a thread (I think it was FIFA 13) going into considerable depth about various aspects of Pro Clubs that just seemed to be absolutely baffling on these forums, however it seems you can no longer access the FIFA 13 forum so I'll state in brief my points I previously posted about.

Though to save myself a whole lot of time repeating most of those points like a parrot, I stuck together a few clips (of many) just to show you a glimpse of what my club has to put up with on a constant basis. Just for reference sake, both my own club and our opponents (via matchmaking settings) play with nobody controlling the 'ANY' position. Therefore, both teams CPU players which are not Pro's should be on a level playing field. However, as you probably guessed.. this is totally not the case with our team.

I would like to know if other people experience these events, and if so how frequently. Because no matter what tactics, formations of style of play we go for, we are always let down by our CPU players. I can genuinely say, that probably 9 in every 10 matches we lose is down to ridiculous decision making or a total collapse in the CPU players AI. I mean.. you can't even call it artificial intelligence, it's just a player in no-man's land.

Please note that everything I am mentioning is in reference to the CPU players, hence my annoyance at the shocking differences when these players are only meant to be 'default' players across a level playing field, yet other teams quite obviously seem to have superior CPU players.

Just a couple of other pointers which happen on a day-to-day basis when we play but are not shown in my video;
  • Where it takes me and my friends somewhat 5+ shots on target before our opponents goalkeeper finally concedes a goal, ours literally seems to let in goals near enough every shot on target. It's as if our CPU goalkeeper is physically incapable of saving shots. Our ST's are 87 and 88 respectively, to which we generally crop up against opponents at a similar ballpark. Yet the difference in shot error, regardless of where we aim/the power we put into our shots, is horribly noticeable. It's as if you're destined to lose the match from the beginning.
  • CPU players seem to start jogging when tracking/running back when an opponent player is attacking down the line, therefore the opponents are able to pull away incredibly easily and find themselves through on goal. Yet, when it comes to us running down the wing, our opponents CPU defenders are quicker, don't start jogging and seem to have a ridiculously successful tackle % without conceding any fouls. It's as though our team are set on Amateur and our opponents on World Class.
  • My Pro has somewhat 90+ acceleration and sprint speed. Yet in the early stages of the game (when my energy bar is somewhat full), I cannot for the life of me out-run the opponents CPU players. They will accelerate quicker than me, then cut across in-front of me intercepting the ball. Most of the time this is when running in a straight line parallel to the player. Therefore it can only imply that the CPU players also have physical attributes statistics of 90+. However, as team captain you are able to view your squad and look at their statistics on team management, and even when in Division 1 when the players were around the 80-83 overall rating ballpark, there were rarely ever any CPU players that had physical attributes for speed anywhere near the 90's, yet every opponent we come up against seem to run excessively fast as if they were all at least in their 90's.
  • When on a winning streak and finally securing safety in a divison, 9/10 times the very next match we play (we generally play with 2/3) will be drawn against a club with 4-5+ players. Yet all the games prior to that were clubs with 2 or 3 players, similar to ourselves. It's almost as though when you are guaranteed safety, the game then says 'right, you've had your fun... now time to knock you down a gear' and match-makes you against stupid teams. It's seriously beyond coincidence as this happens almost every season when then going for promotion/the title.

Anyhow, here is the video with the clips. I added some humour and annotation just to make it more entertaining for anyone who wishes to view it, however the points are still made loud and clear. Just watch what we have to put up with and hopefully you'll understand why I have my doubts against the honesty of this game.

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    You're not the only one, I could have written EXACTLY the same!
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    Dont worry mate , EA just patched and fixed coins on Ultimate team...oh wait :/
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