Can't score with Lukaku (FUT)

Hi guys

I've been trying some time now playing with Lukaku 82 Rated. But I can't seem to score with him in any possible way. I have a problem with the BPL strikeforce on Ultimate team.

I play him in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.
Have tried a lot of chemistry styles played with any cheap striker I could afford. But he can't find his way in to the back of the net.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where or how I should play him. He seems to lose to me the ball a lot or is too slow when i mash the Circle or B button. Also when I have a chance he always hits the Goalie, the post, bar or it goes wide. even the finesse won't work :neutral:

With other strikers or midfielders I can score even with CB's but this one is a tricky one.

Does anyone maybe can help me?


  • WSneijder10
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    Do you have to play with Lukaku? Maybe He isn't for your playing style. You should try another strikers. I had problem with Aguero and I sold him then I bought Rooney. He was better than Aguero for me.
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