Players who should be upgraded in Fifa 17

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Bale- 87 to 88-89

Deserves more than 87 rated.

Martial- 79 to 81

Also deserves more than 86 pace, he's been clocked as the 2nd fastest player this season

Ibrahimovic- 89 to 90

Consistent every season, is getting older but isn't getting any worse

De Gea- 86 to 88

How on earth is he 4 ratings LESS than Neuer? Imo, De Gea should be at least 88, and he will be the best goalkeeper in the world, if he isn't already, within the next few years.

Muller- 86 to 87

Great player, deserves a bit higher imo.

Kane- 81 to 83

Consistently scoring goals now, deserves a small upgrade.

Bellerin- 75 to 78

Good defender, doesn't make many mistakes.

Suarez- 89 to 92

Just pure class..


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