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This Game Stinks (After updates)

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edited March 2016
FIFA 16 demo seemed a change, a good change. He tried to be a good football game. Approximate to a simulator.

Then, the game in his debut, had changes in its gameplay, but were somewhat acceptable.

But after several updates, the game became trash!!
The gameplay is arcade, very horrible, disgusting. The players do not have weight, accelerate from 0 to 100 in a second, perfect passes and shots. Very fast. And much more.
The game is to take the ball, dribble six defenders and make goal. Do the same 50 times per game. That's not football.

Months ago I stopped playing this game, simply because it disgusts me. It is not a football game. It is not nothing like the real football, as far as gameplay is concerned.

I will not make the same mistake another year.
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  • CoCoGoaL
    37 posts Last Pick at the Park
    EA lied, cheat and steel from us, each year same bugs and issues and then patch patch patch and still broken...
  • llukslive
    156 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    it is simple, don't buy the game until early january once the kids spend their cash and decide how the game needs to be this year, then EA will patch it to death to please them.
  • Maxthen
    3 posts Ball Boy
    Unfortunately, they do the same every year.
    The fifa16 was my last FIFA. I'm not so stupid to buy the same garbage every year.
  • bravia26s
    298 posts Sunday League Hero
    I going to sell away my ps4
    Because of this **** game
    Nearly every game i concede penalty or receive red card
  • t_hud_
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    EXACTLY!! You put it perfectly!! It was solid when it first released!! You had to be smart about the passes, now its pace and dribble fest. Went from Div 1 to Div 5 because the games chamged too much. Im done
  • BigBuffalo
    1044 posts Professional
    The game is frustrating as hell, and I can't enjoy it for long periods of time.

    Its going to give me a heart attack at some point
  • Maxthen
    3 posts Ball Boy
    edited March 2016
    The reality is that they make a arcade video game for children who spend their money in FUT.
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