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Ah, i don't even know anymore... The gameplay to me seems like its getting worse after every patch. Refereeing decisions are getting worse with Mzizi and Yiliraz giving stupid penalties and red cards in the first 10 mins of a game. Oh, i take the ball cleanly as well... FUT Draft takes the mick as well! The formations and players don't even match up right. I picked a formation with 2 strikers and only had 1 striker to choose from. How is that fair? 15k/fifa points seem to get wasted instantly. I've completely lost faith with the packs because the chances of getting a decent player is 10000/1. Theres more chance of Ronaldinho being my long lost grandad than getting any of the top players.

Where do i start with tackling... Why do they tackle like a chicken pecking at someones feet? Do EA developers know anything about football at all? I'm getting really frustrated at the fact that my players fall over each other in the box and just gift easy goals. Sometimes i can't even control my players. Just please sort the game play out. I'm really not one for making discussions on forums but It's becoming unplayable. Just please change the game. Its the worst its ever been man.



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    because in fifa 16 you are not in control, the game controls you. all the randomness that happen in the game, like you said players hitting each other and ball weirdly bouncing off just takes the fun out of it because there is too much unexpected randomness. just give up the game like many of us have done, wait for next year and don't buy it until early 2017.

    you can even see the viewer base in twitch is much lower for fifa 16 than priror years just because the game is boring.
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