EA has never helped their customer

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Firstly Sorry for My bad english..

This suggestion is about last year. Do you know Jonas Gutierrez and his purple hero card? Anyway I had same illness with Jonas. I just wanted ea advisor to his card because It was special for me and I hadn't enough coins and points to buy him myself. But They didn't give me and said same lie. I can prove my illness if you don't believe.


My point is you should never ask ea for help because they don't . Do yourselves what you want even It's illegal way for ea ( Buy coins).


  • WSneijder10
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  • Bevan
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    There's no easy way to say this, but EA Sports don't give out cards for any reason. I understand that you have the same Illness and Jonas had but it's not within their Policy that they have to give out a special FIFA Card to every person with the same illness. It would have been a nice gesture from them if they did, but it's very unlikely.

    It's a real awful situation that you're in but I hope you overcome it.
  • Marleigh
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    This is not a situation where EA isn't helping you. This is a situation where you want something for free, regardless of circumstances and aren't being given it.

    If you are ill then I hope you recover, but a virtual card won't help one bit and advocating that people buy coins will just get you banned from the forums.
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