4-3-1-2 squad help

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Hey, I've come up with these two teams so far:
One of the teams have the attacking force of (Aguero-Hazard-De Bruyne)
But I can't figure out who to use for the other team? My budget is 170k for a CAM and 2 strikers for the other team..
Aguero-Hazard and KDB have been doing really great for me so far, but the striker trios I've been trying for my second team, haven't really been working out yet :(
Ive tried (SIF Kruse-Reus-Robben) & (Di Maria-IF Ben Yedder-Lacazette)
It's important for my CAM to have decent passing stats, just like KDB.
And my Strikers to have good pace, shooting and dribbling.
I don't mind using RF or LF's as strikers, but I want them to be on the full potential chem.


  • Tim86
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    Payet, Benz and Griez
    Not full chem for Payet but you don't seem to mind.

    If you use them for the Series A team and put Pogba central he has full chem
  • FuZyThUgZz
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    Can I suggest this 2 squads

    Try using Bonucci-Miranda as CB partnership. They are great together for me. All will be on full chem except Hazard on 7. I find that if you use pressure and aggression above 60, M/M and M/H works better as L/H defender might leave a gap between themselves and their CMs.

    I heard good things about Boateng-Chiellini partnership. Worth trying if you still prefer L/H defender.

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