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Can EA explain how they do this as i have been testing fifa today to try and improve things and have experienced a marked improvement when QoSing bandwidth.
Still a bit laggy in parts but seems like far less of a disadvantage than when not capping my connection.


  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    same setup today.
    no drop in the massive improvement in game.

    so big question is ....

    what the hell is the connection test for if you can have 300MBs download 30 upload and get a really poor gaming experience?
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    ive capped mine via the router to the ps4's ip address
    10MBs download
    1MBs upload.
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    just had a few games today.
    2 in the cup and 2 in the league.
    all on the vpn.

    all fine bar the 1st which i did not host.
    think my opponents isp hindered my upload as it did feel a bit off.

    next 3 games no issues.

    able to turn well.
    passing was mostly ok apart from when i went a goal up and tried to pass too quickly.

    so far playing on the vpn has been a lot better.

    my isp say they do not traffic shape but can not believe it
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    only 1 game today as was testing merlins firmware on the old asus before i attempt to load on the AC88U.
    managed to isolate the vpn to one ps4.
    once again no advantage to either player via the vpn.

    This is looking more and more like an isp issue with p2p.
    either ea need to scrap p2p matches or players who are disadvantaged need to switch to an isp which wont treat them so badly.

    plusnet and movistar are ones to avoid from my experience.
    plusnet is owned by bt so suspect bt may be on that list too.
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    played 4 today.
    1st without the vpn and once again players dont react properly was laggy....could have been a lag switcher but not sure.
    next game on the vpn was a little iffy turning on the ball but was playing a french player and even when i was in the uk (when the online was good) french connections nearly always seemed to have an advantage...(i routed the vpn to the uk) was mostly fine apart from that...defenders seemed a bit slow to pass the ball away and got caught on the ball twice which is very unlike me.

    nextvia vpn was fine although my opponent seemed to have issues in spells....
    final game once again fine no issues.

    this isnt looking good for my
    dont think they are really good enough for p2p gamers.
  • Zibracadabra
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  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    Havent played every day as other things to do.
    But did this quite a lot.
    Played without the vpn before playing with the vpn

    And everytime the vpn played better

    Think there is something in the way your isp routes the game
    Looking at my ping plotter graphs i now am on 22 hops to the EA server so their routing is gettign worse.
    VPN is still on 11 hops.
    Played a few today and had a few good games after having to quit the 1st which i played without the vpn.
    Downloaded merlins asus firmware and isolated the vpn for the ps4.
    Doesnt re assign a new ip from the isp so i know for sure they are the cheapskates with their network.
    Reading a few other posts in archives and having had experience myself with another isp (plusnet) i have come to the conclusion that a number of isp's have a setup for p2p gaming that will give you a disadvantage.
    Plusnet were bought out by bt and it coincided with the new 80/20 fibre.
    on fifa 13 i was on 40/10 and how ever plusnet ran their network it worked really well.
    very few games were laggy.
    the response felt excellent.

    the jump to 80/20 and fifa 14 and the game was a lot harder to get to grips with.
    same issues now.
    on fifa 15 i moved abroad and my internet was only 5/1 so hardly played as it was impossible toplay.
    i upgraded to 300/30 and same problems as when with 80/20 plusnet.

    could be level 3 (likely)
    could be busy gateways which are forced to traffic shape.

    cant get enough info out of movistar (not forth coming) as to why some hops show packet loss on pings but not 100%.....some hops dont respond to pings and show 100% packet loss.
    these hops are fine unless they show a big jump in ping to the next hop.

    if a hop is showing packet loss but not 100% why is it kicking out some packets but letting some through?
    Is it because that hops is busy (usually isp side) and they are traffic shaping thus not letting every tracert request through?
    this si what im asking the idiots but to no avail.

    i fight on in search of the reasons........
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    possible eureka moment.

    After weeks and weeks of testing different setups , firmware and even a new router (the second best home router on the market Asus AC88U) i think i may have come across the problem.

    Have been playign with and without the vpn and generally its a lot better with the vpn but still some games my players still turn a bit slower....even a fraction makes a difference in this game.

    Some days its good and others not great but always better than without the vpn.
    Id start without and then with the im pretty sure normal isp setups are a no no.....BUT

    During the last few weeks id been scouring the net for peoples complaints and read quite a lot of stuff about getting a good gaming setup.
    Nothing really worked and some things i couldnt change because my router didnt quite have the complex qos setups.....even then my connection is very rarely maxed out so wouldnt make a hell of a lot of difference and ping is the only beneficiary which wouldnt have made a difference imo.

    Anyway i had read about cut through forwarding , which is nat acceleration.
    Its designed to allow a connection to just allow traffic in without inspecting the packets.
    Great you might think....only problem is its for traffic coming certainly appears to be that way.
    So in effect your opponents traffic is getting through your router really quick to the ps4 or xbox.

    Now your opponent may have a router which doesnt have this option so the packets your sending him/her are going through slower.

    so if you have ctf or nat forwarding try turning it off to see if it makes a difference.
    I turned it off and played through the vpn today 6 times and all six of those games were way more fluid than any of the games id played in this fifa.
    I will test over the next few days without the vpn and see how it plays.

    EUREKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    ok an update.
    played with with the vpn and with ctf off and same again chaps.
    its more fluid.
    no advantage to either player.

    played without the vpn and ditto.

    got a feeling a few of you asus users who regularly upgrade firmware or even use merlins will be rejoicing.

    now just got to combat the irregularities within the game.

    will test with ctf on again to make sure im not dreaming lol
  • barnseyblade
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    What's VPN? I don't even know how to do any of those things?
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    do some research.
    google vpn.

    loads of comapanies about.
    just need one which you can run from the router as the ps4 does have an option to run vpn software from it.
    wont be easy though as you will need to be into router firmware.
    some set ups are easy to administer some are far more complex.

    if you have and asus learn how to get merlins software on rather than the stock firmware as you can implement a vpn tunnel for a single device.
    if your into shibby tomato then they have a good option.
    ddwrt also.
    those 2 are a bit more complex from merlins slightly easier setup imo.
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