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I just saw the upgrade of Godin and his 90 rated IF card looks tasty! I want to change Varane and get him in and 110k isn't that expensive for a card like this. What do you guys think about him who played with him? I want to get him but im not sure...


  • S P 4 C E Y
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    His 90 (which was 89 until today) is a fantastic card. Best value defender in the game by a mile.

    He's quite slight so not fantastically strong, but more nimble than he looks. His interceptions are fantastic and his positioning is second to none.
  • Recardo
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  • Claicon
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    Sounds good, there are so many on the market atm. Was searching 57 sites to get to 60 minute :D:D
  • Carswell
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    The 89 is so good can't wait to try my upgraded one!
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