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11 player clubs - good or bad ?

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I would like to start a little discussion about this topic. Basically, the question is whether it is fun and worth it for you to play in an 11 player club, or do you prefer fewer players? Please share your opinions.

For me, I used to stand behind the idea of 11p clubs, but recently I changed my opinion. To me, it's a mess to play in a 11v11 match. Most 11p clubs are loosely put together with club managers giving zero constructive criticism (only bitc.h and moa.n to be honest). If you got into a 11p team that actually plays well together, then congratulations you had just won a lottery. People jump clubs all the time, and if they do eventually wind up somewhere for more then a week, it is usually a club with fewer players.


  • kYnTso
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    I would say its only fun and worth it when the 11p play like a unit and on every pos is someone who actually has a clue what the pos is about, has played it and can play it. Also would help if everyone is on the same page when it comes to the playing style. Not exactly fun when one is onetouching and the other one keeps hogging all the time.
  • CocoKof
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    11 vs 11 is best when you have a core group friends rather than creating an 11 man from recruiting people in a couple nights. It takes time to understand each other's style. If someone recommends someone who is on the same page as the other and so forth, it will be a lot more fun to play with.

    We did play 11 on FIFA11, 12 and 13 and lot of people on our group left due to being the same gameplay and how stale Clubs was becoming. Now I do play with half of that know or 2-3 man team without or with ANY.

    It's a matter of preference really.
  • I SiR MartY I
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    11 v 11 is the best thing on Fifa hands down. When you're actually playing it with people that want to play positions such as defence and midfield and know how to play the game and have an idea of what style to play, nothing comes close.

    Its only terrible when you just grab 10 other people and throw them in and run up and down together, its incredibly painful. But if its organized then its a real test to play.
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