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PC Pro Clubs and Hackers.

6 posts Ball Boy
I'm sure I am not the only one who is getting fed up with the amount of hackers that are plaguing the game we love.

Me and my team have played 3 teams with blatant hackers tonight.
They have insane shooting, pace, strength and ball control.

Now I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, this has got to be sorted.

We have worked hard to get into division 1, where we are met with hackers and get put straight back into division 2.



  • MaximSVK
    70 posts Park Captain
    Did you check they're stats ? They might have been just really good players you know ?
  • Veo_0
    6 posts Ball Boy
    Having played this game as much as I have. It was quite clear that they weren't 'just really good players'.
  • TheMeerkat
    589 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited January 2016
    It's true, I've faced some ridiculous pacey and strong players. Me and my club mates have nearly got all the accomplishments and we always get out-muscled by the default players but I can't get anywhere near their players in a strength battle. Obvious hacks.
  • kYnTso
    110 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    edited February 2016
    Sorry but u just have to get used do it since noone will get banned in Fifa 16 pro clubs mode. Dont know anyone who knows anyone who has gotten banned for either 100VP file, 99hack or for the "silent hack" (the hack where u touch up on some attributes but dont make it too obvious). In case u wonder what the reason might be: reset bug+accomplishments not saving bug (they both cant be fixed)
  • MaximSVK
    70 posts Park Captain
    I know players, that I can vouch for not being cheaters, that in-game they seem almost unstoppable. You can't generalize everyone that doesn't fit into the norm, you will just become a hater. Seriously guys, there are some genuinely great players out there. If you have proof of a hack, then fine you have all the right to be angry about it and demand action.
  • Patd95y
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    If you have to cheat to win a computer game (any game in fact) then you're very likely to be a shallow waste of space in real life!
  • Need to bump this.

    The blatant hacking that is currently (and always) occurring in such a massive, like this, is **** INSANE.

    Like, I get that their will nearly always be a small percentage of hackers on any online game, but at least the devs actually try to fix the problem and ban cheaters. Playing clubs, every second game, sometimes 3-4 in a row, are against hackers with giant players boosted to the max.

    EA just sit back and do **** all. Probably don't even acknowledge that their are cheaters playing pro clubs...
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