Scrubs calling for the ball in drop in

Does this plague everyone else as much as me? Drop ins have been impossible to play 90% of the time for years due to scrubs constantly calling for the ball and leading to turnovers.


  • CocoKof
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    Pro Rank Matches (Drop-ins such an ugly term but it suits lately, it sounds like drop-in the food in the toilet) have been terrible in the last few years. I had a lot of fund on FIFA10 and 11, where I met most of my current friends. I probably find a decent player there at least in one week or more.
  • kYnTso
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    Always thought Drop-ins are for people who want to get accomplishments done and also have some fun or just troll but it seems some people expect serious stuff in Drop-ins.
  • Staralyze
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    Drop ins are terrible.

    Every single game you enter there's always THAT ONE GUY with 69 on the back of his shirt named Messi or something who keeps asking for the ball who shoots from 40 yards out and ballhogs.

    Then you have THAT GK. The one who dives for absolutely no reason whatsoever and concedes from 50 yard bicycle kicks.

    It's impossible to actually find a decent match.
  • MaximSVK
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    Actually, I can understand people for calling the ball all the time because Drop-Ins are all about individual accomplishments and you do need the ball for that now do you. I personally don't understand people who are waiting in the lobby for 5v5 and then expect to play good football. You just do not get that in Drop-Ins people, never. Drop-Ins should be no more then 3v3, with the option to filter only for your specific option like 1v1 so that you have easier time doing accomplishments.
  • K.Nasa
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    Theres only one , yes ONE online mode in pro clubs where random people can connect and play together.

    Not only that but this mode has NO negative effect on you if you go in and troll/play badly. I talso doesnt give you a reason to go in a play well.

    This is EAs fault and EA do NOT care about pro clubs so this wont change.

    Look at many of the other sports titles that have online modes and you wont find trolls because playing online with randoms means something. For example NBA 2k16 , My park mode.

  • Khwalo
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    Drop ins are such a horror its meant for kids actually,they run all the way with the ball from box to box.

    Its quite rare to find a decent match there i agree, i stopped playing it cause of the, the only thing i can do is add players i have met so they can join my team.

    In drop ins,those kids would call for every ball in split second in such a way that you wont get passed cause they always tap "call for the ball button".You make runs in open spaces they will never pass you the ball.

    I dont want to mention goalkeepers they are just a nightmare, calling for balls and take them out for corners, its annoying.
  • The Game
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    They should allow 11 vs 11 again (at least 7vs7) + GK´s only allowed to play GK and field players on their position of choice.

    An intelligent filter for match making (only 1 GK for each side)

    Then it could be fun again.

    If they really want to keep the stupid accomplishment system (and we all know that they´ll definately stick to it) it may be a good decision to add accomplishments which get unlocked for teamplay & defensive efforts (like clean sheets for defenders or line saves etc.)
  • Moy
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    I've tried using drop in mode as it's the first time I've used online pro (I've used career mode over the last few years) my god it's a royal pain in the rear end.
    You get players who seem to think they're Maradona and can dribble the length of the field while I'm standing in a wide open space crying for the ball! Or I've noticed recently that players like to score several own goals! It's not as fun as I was expecting it.
    I've put together a team with a few mates and that seems to be the way forward.
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