Who is the most like ibra?



  • PelzyWelzy
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    I have great fun with Drogba in my MLS side - not as skillful as Zlatan (there can be only one) but is actually a really handy player, holding ball up well and seeming quicker than his stats suggests. Love thundering shots in from all over the place.
  • Amargaladaster26
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    Combination of height, skills, shooting and passing? Noone else has it all.
  • Lobatoo__96
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    If Arnautovic
  • Rename12345
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    El Arabi.
  • Fandango83
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    i've tried loads of players to see if anyone is similar.

    The closest you'll get is Leandro Damiao, followed by Benzema.

    Both have 4* skillz, M/L work rates and and big guys.

    The good thing about Damiao is you can build a good cheap Brazilian team around him
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