Instruction and WR expert for 4-2-3-1-(1) setup

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Hi guys. So I need help with the 4-2-3-1-(1) formation. I know this is the formation I can be most effective at since 2 cdms can defend for me well. So i want my wide cams to make run for in behind when my centre cam has the ball and is looking to pass, something similar to what a rw or lw would do. I dont like formations with rw since they stay very wide and dont get involved much in build up. 1 St, (suarez) is enough. So how do i make them run in behind? What instructions and WR do i look in players for this? Also, what is the difference cut passing lanes and man mark for a cdm. Which will insturction will make the player stand a bit further up from the other instruction? Also, what is the main difference between agreesvie interception and conserve interception? Will agressive make the player chase down the guy with the ball if he has the ball and is moving towards the general direction of my player? Thanks


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  • TheRealDeal
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    I use stay central, press back line and get in behind on my striker.

    All 3 Cam's on free roam and stay on edge of box, 2 on stay forward and 1 high/high on come back on defence, gives them a lot of movement and unpredictability.

    Both cdm's on stay back while attacking, 1 with high defensive who I use cut passing lanes on. The other I leave and he will get forward a bit and help the build up(or in Busquets case think he's a striker!).

    Both fullbacks on always overlap to give the formation width.

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