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1 Jumbo Rare Player Pack 50 Turkish Liras
The game is just 100 liras at the moment.
Standart turkish person earns 1.200 or 1.500 liras.(I'm talking about adult).Opening pack is impossible for Child and Students. They can take max. 5-10 liras from their family everyday. Why do you steal your customers money ?

I'm sorry for my bad english. But someone had to do it for turkey.
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  • CocoKof
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    Not really. As much as I dislike EA (about creating a half-@ss game), they aren't with a gun or knife stealing your money or being coercive. "Stupid is as Stupid does"
  • WSneijder10
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    I know that they dont have knife or gun. But why students aren't able to open pack and play with good player? Why packs are so expensive?
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  • Robocat
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    you don't get many good players by opening packs you get good players by buying them on the transfer market
  • Rumplefish
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    You usually don't get good players in pack, so if you want good players and care about your money, they're actually doing you a favor by making it expensive.

    When I was a student I had so much free time to play that I didn't have to rely on pack opening to make coins. Just learn to trade, it's free and less frustrating
  • Ertrko
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    Rather than directly accusing EA, you should ask yourself "Why my currency is not valuable against Euro or Usd" or "why salaries are so low in Turkey when people doing same job in Europe getting 4000 euro while my family earns 400 euro (1200 Turkish lira)?" For example.
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