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I made a concept squad and have started buying the players in the squad. As i add them to the squad i notice the chemistry has gone down from 100. Seems to be taking 1 off per player i add. Anyone know why this is and is there a way i can get it back to 100 as when its all concept players it shows as 100.


  • MakoXI
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    concept squads counts with the loyalty chem bonus
  • Sandell85
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    After 10games they will get 1loyalty bonus per player so you will get 100chem again
  • hayhor1
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    Are all positions correct?

    I would use futbin to mess with squad building.
  • Mul1916
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    Thanks for your replies. I'll play the 10 matches then it'll go back up. Going to have to get onto ea now as i just bid for Thiago Silva on the app and lost out but didnt get the 32000 i bid back when the bid ended. Issue after issue with this game.
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