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banned for how long ?

V l u m s d e n
1491 posts Play-Off Hero
i have been banned.. i only played 12 drop in matches how do i get unbanned if its possible ?


  • Kendini
    51 posts Park Captain
    Did you cheat ?
  • CocoKof
    398 posts Sunday League Hero
    Playing 12 PRM is not a reason to be banned. What's the full story?
  • Khwalo
    154 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    YOU must have been CHEATING
  • kYnTso
    110 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I doubt that u got banned because of playing 12 drop in matches in Pro Clubs. It seems that ur a big FUT player on Xbox One so the reason might be there. Maybe bought/farmed/promoted some FUT coins or account buying/comfort trade. If u did any of the named things in FUT then u can say bye bye to your account for good.
  • CocoKof
    398 posts Sunday League Hero
    So if you cheat in FUT you will be permanently banned; but not if you cheat in Pro Clubs?
  • kYnTso
    110 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    edited December 2015
    So far I dont know anyone who got banned for cheating in Pro Clubs. At least the people, who i know have a hacked pro, havent had any problems for the last 2-3 months and they are still kicking it.
  • DannyUK
    411 posts Sunday League Hero
    That is the difference between pro clubs and FUT, nobody is bothered about Pro Clubs unfortunately just the small minority of us. For example that petition that was made when Fifa 16 came out to change pro clubs I think it got around 2000 signatures or something? Was a few thousand anyway but if you did a petition for FUT that would pass over 100,000 easy if they felt as strongly as we did about Clubs and that is the reason they don't fix or add things to clubs.
  • V l u m s d e n
    1491 posts Play-Off Hero
    it must of been a error as the following day i was able to play clubs again
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