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Why EA doesnt care about cheater in Pro Club on PC

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edited December 2015
I reported a Chinese cheater who got attribute over 99, I can often see him in Pro Club,even he is GK,but he playing as ST in game can easily score 4 goals,that's disgusting.
I reportd him to EA with screenshot 3 days ago,EA said would investigate ,but still haven't taken any action yet >:)


  • kYnTso
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    Reported?! waste of time mate, waste of time. When it comes to cheating in pro clubs noone besides noncheaters give a sht. The main reason in my opinion is the reset issue and since that issue probably won`t be fixed in 16 people just going to cheat no matter if they got reseted or not.
  • Khwalo
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    I hate cheaters
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