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Obvious cheating

Hi just wondered is there a way to report these people. Came across quite a few blatantly cheating. For e.G 20 games played in gk and conceded 231 goals or there abouts. Same player had not played many as a striker but had 48/49 accomplishments. Tired of playing people like this and how is that even possible as most need done in a club. Do they play friendly matches against each other?


  • Puffascruffowitz
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    If you ever play drop in matches you will see a lot of the top 100 "ranked" (in quotes because these cheaters shouldn't be ranked) players popping in and out of the drop in lobby. I think what they're doing is looking for their friends to show up so they can use each other to boost goals.

    It is so unbelievably sad when you think about it. All these guys with like 2000 goals in 1500 games. 99.9% of them are all cheating to get those numbers. And for what? Do they win money from being ranked? Nope. No one even cares, I certainly don't.
  • kYnTso
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    U can report from Origin but it would be probably a total waste of time. U can also report at [email protected] but i think its a waste of time aswell unless u reporting someone u confronted in the FUT mode.
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