Team advice needed

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Hi guys. I currently have this team (bought on Thursday/Friday this week):


I have about 750k left (a bit in cash and a bit in Litmanen, Valderrama and a couple of IFs).

I am a Milan fan so I tried and squeeze him as many Milan legends as possible (and I do include Ibra in that category ...).

Really don't know what to do next (not selling any of the legends, I really like them except maybe Gattuso, but Gattuso is one of my fav IRL so he is staying; may consider selling Ibra):

(1) buy Nesta and a good GK (is Neuer worth the coins?) for around 500k

(2) buy Neuer Boateng Alaba for around 200k and keep 550k

(3) sell Ibra and try and get Weah for 1.5 ml or so

(4) sell Ibra and try and get Nesta+Bergkamp (Sheva would play upfront and Berg as central CAM)

and yes I know I should get someone better than Perin in GK, but I had the guy since day one and he is decent

many thanks!


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