Anyone signed Messi?

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Has anyone successfully signed Messi in 16 yet? I tried a few times in 15 but he would never leave Barca. I tried on a free and also had Barca accept a fee but Messi would turn down every contract offer even when I got really stupid and offered him 2m a week.


  • Wyojasond
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    Pretty sure I read somewhere, the only places he'll go is both Manchester teams, PSG, Bayern and maybe one other team, and you pretty much have to offer him ridiculous wages.
  • CosmoKramer
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    Well 2 million a week is pretty ridiculous!! He was only on 350k at Barca when I tried signing him. Think I'm just coming up to the transfer window he's available on a free so I'll give it a go in 16 and see if anything's changed. Think I signed him in 13 or something and wasn't that blown away by his performances though so not all that bothered. Already have Ronaldo.
  • Jay1905
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    I signed him for Bournemouth when his contract expired but had to give him 700k per week in wages!
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