New Team Teething Problems

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I have just built this team after being relegated from DIV3 with my full Bundesliga team.

I was suffering with retaining possession and pass completion using a 4-1-2-1-2. Since the change i have been averaging 53% possesion and pass completion is on average 80% but i have been unable to turn these possitives into results. I'm currently on my worst losing streak this FIFA with 4 in a row, my worst previously was 2.

Can anyone see anything lacking with the team or maybe advice on how to get the best out of the formation?


  • Rumplefish
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    Toure at CDM is one of your problems. You need someone with at least med defensive WR there.

    Other problem could be the pace on the wing, both your wide CAM seem lacking in that departement. What about IF Kagawa instead of Muller? Can you afford Aguero instead of De Bruyne?
  • Advait
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    Hey man. You need pace on the cam's in this formation. I'd suggest you a team if you provide me with a budget.
  • sco490
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I have found Toure has been lacking defensively. I love Muller he has been my favourite player joint with Vidal on this years version. In my previous Bundesliga team i had NIF Kagawa at CAM and found him to be a solid player. If i were to replace players I would need to sell to buy as my coins were spent on this team last night. I am open to sales but i would like to incorporate a hybrid as i got bored with the full Bundesliga team.

    In division 3 i really struggled against teams with wingers playing so narrow. I would be open to changing the formation as well as the team.

    My stats with the three players are detailed below:

    Muller - 55 games, 38 goals, 23 assists
    Aubameyang - 60 games, 42 goals, 16 assists
    Kagawa - 38 games, 12 goals, 24 assists
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