nif suarez bin increase chances?

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What do you think the chances are of nif Suarez's bin prices increasing due to him being extinct on the market? Have they ever increased any nif cards before as only seen them decrease in value.


  • there are plenty of NIF Suarez usually, they just lowered his price
  • kunszn16
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    It probably has to do with his SMOTM the other day, where people probably got tired of searching for it and settling for the NIF perhaps?

    Also, my guess is EA won't change his NIF price range because the changes they make usually have nothing to do whether a player is unsellable or extinct! (I wish I was joking but this is actually my honest opinion :| )
  • LoftyMatt
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    I'm hoping they raise him a little. Been buying and selling players to improve my squad and without thinking paid too much for him when saw the one and only available one so will lose money if sold him even if for max bin :(
  • don't think so, as there are a few on the market
  • since day 1 of price caps his nif was the most extinct i've seen while looking for it today
  • LoftyMatt
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    You'd think if a players price was lowered that much that he became pretty much extinct that they would have to balance it by raising his price slightly wouldn't you.
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