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I have been playing the career mode on professional difficulty for a while now and generally I think it's a lot better game than the last one. I have found some problems though. I started from english league two with Notts County. I made some adjustments to my roster and bought players that are promising and little bit better than the average league two player. First four seasons went by, and the game was great. I moved up with my team every year and won most of the games. So the game was fun with this difficulty. I did have some tight matches also. I would describe them as "perfect matches". In these matches the opponent is aggressive, creates scoring chances and has a reasonable scoring percentage. What's reasonable? Depends on the quality of the scoring chances. The way i won those matches, was really quite realistic. I had to defend well and make some really good choices in the mid-field to open their defense. Anyway, my playing experience was great.

My current season has been a huge struggle. Now every other match is a ridiculous display of some sort of difficulty adjustment. For example I won ManU 4-0. It was a relatively easy match for me. It wasn't, as I described earlier, a perfect match. ManU was a little passive. When they do play well, I usually win by a goal or two. These kind of changes in opponents form is part of the game, and I don't mind losing if a team plays well. However, the next time I played against ManU I lost 0-3. I had nothing. I lost all the battles. My passes were slow and inaccurate. My players were slower. I shot off the post 5 times. Shots on goals was 10-3 for me. All of the three goals they scored was done with a header. Roughly said, they were made in a way that i can't do anything else but to press a button and hope for the best. Also two of those goals were made at the end of each half. The classic 90 minute goal appears again. And as you can see, they had three shots on goal, and three went in. Every aspect of the game was against me. And it continues. I have to remind you that this is not a one time occurrence. I have played about half of the season and about have of those matches have been absolutely ridiculous.

This is my second season in the premier league. My team is better. I have myself learned how to play the game better. Where is this difficulty boost coming from? Is this the way EA creates the "difficult season", by pulling strings. And it wouldn't matter to me, if only the opponents difficulty would change slightly, but because it affects my players negatively, I feel there is no way to beat the opponent when they're having a "good game". I mean it is visible in every way. For example when my players receive passes and turn at the same time to get ready to pass forward, it takes a lot longer in these weird matches. Also the opponent is able to keep the ball a lot longer. So the opponents players plays like an **** and still gets rewarded for it. It looks ridiculous when i have tackled like 10 to 15 times and every time touched the ball, but some how the ball happens to end up to the opponent. This keeps going on, until they get a scoring chance.

When the game is acting "normally", and the opponent is playing well, it creates scoring chances by passing and making runs at the right time, and with good crosses. Not by holding on to the ball. Also all the events in these "normal" matches seems reasonable and even realistic. And I have seen opponents playing very well and very realistically at the same time.

For me to enjoy a game, I decrease the difficulty, if the game is too hard and if it's too easy, I increase it. But these kinds of changes inside a difficulty level is too much. And why this is happening now. I don't want to decrease the difficulty, because it seems that the difficulty is good for me in most matches.

Anybody else?


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    I've realised from playing career mode that playing Watford is as hard (though seems even harder) as playing say Man City or Chelsea. It doesn't make any sense. It's like they've introduced rubber-banding for no reason at all. I told myself to give up on offline because of the crap gameplay but came back to it today and I quickly remembered how terrible it is. The lack of a difficulty change between each team - regardless if one's a 3 star team and the other a 5 star team - further puts salt on the wounds.

    Anyone know if and when they'll fix offline? Considering loading up FIFA 15 on the PS3 it's so bad!
  • Just played against Arsenal in the Champions Cup Final. Shots on goal 15-3 for me. After 90 min score was 1-1. In overtime I managed to screw up two empty goals and hit to the post 5 times. All from breakaways. You can imagine the frustration when I kept hitting the woodwork over and over again. Sure, it's exiting but there are limits. And this keeps happening again and again.
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    I have been playing on world class with some adjusted sliders and it seems enter. I am generally controlling against the weaker sides while the top sides are great matches. Even against mid table clubs, if I am complacent on defence then they will create chances and probably score.
  • MilkyBarKid16
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    I always get at good results against Arsenal, MU, MC, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs, which after a while, is not fun.

    I can clearly feel my players passing better, running faster, shooting better, tackling better vs these teams, but doing all of it worse against the league's weaker sides.

    I am playing matches against top eight teams on world class and matches against the rest on pro just so I get some form if realism. It works ok but I just get draws.
  • In FIFA things are strange: Easy beating top teams than bottom teams. I have a career with West Brom and play against the top teams (Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool...) is very, very easy, they play like amateurs, otherwise, play against Bournemouth, Sunderland, Watford is very hard. I just want know why this happens, it´s very irrealistc
  • I completely forgot that I had slightly adjusted the difficulty sliders to make the opponent little more difficult. I set defaults back. Let's see if the game returns to normal.
  • Nakusin
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    I've had something similar, in my season as Valencia, specifically against Sevilla, I attribute it in part to the change in competition but still, in the league in the first match I beat Sevilla 3-0 (I'm playing all manual, world class, for reference) I was actually rather fortunate in that match & those 3 goals came in the second half, then in the cup, I think Quarter Finals, I had Sevilla, lost both legs 3-0 (6-0 agg) just nothing worked out, I played Sevilla second time in the league last night & I beat them 2-0. In the losses their goals were just insanely good & unstoppable, likewise I had great chances myself & failed every single time. I attribute it in part to the game making the game tougher during certain games, maybe for form, maybe partly down to form & importance of match, I've noticed over all FIFA's the further you get in the cup the more impressive the team you face regardless of if you've just trashed them in the league.

    Likewise I notice smaller teams often being more difficult that bigger teams, I attribute that to the fact smaller teams play not to lose, they are more defensive even if it's a subtle difference, the only thing that truly bothers me is they are so stupidly effective at defending it can feel a little infuriating when their goalkeeper is insanely brilliant, while my own keeper ends up feeling like he's calamity James. That said it's not like I have an easy time against the top teams that often, I've been trashed by Barcelona, in my previous career game, I lost against Real Madrid in my current season & that were at home.

    I also find when the game seems like it's raised the opposite team to do no wrong & not lose, I find that if I change to a defensive mindset, in other words don't try to win, just try not to lose I've found myself do better in those games, it's a problem in a game where it's a cup match & away goals matter, then I get screwed by that philosophy because it's not very feasible when you literally need a goal otherwise you've already lost but when in the league for example I've come away from games where I've had very little in opportunities but I've come away with a draw, I've been the team to score their only shot or two on goal. It sucks to drop points, but I enjoy the challenge, I find if I win every competition, if I win the league every season, I get bored... I enjoy fighting for that Champions League spot, which is why my very first season is with me because in my final game of the season I was 2 points away from 4th place & the final ECC spot, but I was behind 3 teams, Arsenal, Everton & Newcastle, they all had to lose & I had to win against last place Bournemouth, 0-0 to the last possible moment where I got a chance & smashed a last gasp winner in to the roof of the net, then I found out all 3 teams above me had indeed lost their matches & I snuck in to that last ECC spot.

    I've sort of blabbered on, but no matter, still I'm enjoying the challenge, it sucks to lose, don't get me wrong, I'm overly frustrated at games that don't go my way but then on the other hand, I'd lose interest in the game if I won everything without something to screw me up along the way.
  • I dont mind losing, the thing that annoys me is the CPU will ping the ball around switching the field over and over making perfect pass after perfect pass. All while my defenders are retreating backwards, never attacking a lose ball and rarely pressuring the man with the ball. Then when I am on offense the CPU is pressing me and marking most of my men up the entire pitch.

    The game just feels out of balance to me.

    I have been playing with the sliders lately, I put the CPU pass errors on 67 and it still had a 87% passing accuracy for the matches.
  • MilkyBarKid16
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    It has got to the point where I actually want to lose matches, which is just ridiculous.
  • I changed the sliders to default position and I still keep getting these matches where nothing works. Poor passes, giving and receiving, my players won't go to open areas. They actually move closer to the opponent and behind them so I can't pass anywhere except downfield. My guys are either too far in the offside line waiting for a pass or way down in my own half. Nobody is giving support. Movement is slow. They won't turn to the direction I want when they receive a pass. Every single aspect of the game is so hard, it's impossible to even get in to a shooting position. In my last game is was losing 0-1, until near the end, surprise surprise, I got two chances and two goals and after that after 90' they got one back and the game ended 2-2. So 3 goals in the end. It's like EA tries to deliberately make games exiting by forcing things to happen. Like shots of the post and goals usually made in the final minutes. They are forcing drama to the game. I can't believe this is happening. I'm almost impressed how well they can control the events in the field.
  • Actually It's been like this "easy beating top clubs and harder to beat lower clubs" for a many "Fifa years". Nothing is new under the sun ;)
  • medha
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    Lagavulin wrote: »
    Actually It's been like this "easy beating top clubs and harder to beat lower clubs" for a many "Fifa years". Nothing is new under the sun ;)

    this is shame really every team should be hard to play against that's it. if against Watford its hard then against manu or arsenal it should super hard.
    now people who coming here and mourning try to learn and beat them except the above point which is true I think the game should be more challenging starting from semi-pro to legendary, like it was in 1.1 version of gameplay.
  • This Fifa is way worse in making an enjoyable difficulty than others in the past
  • Robocat
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    I applaud the idea of keeping the matches interesting. but i find it frustrating that especially worldclass difficulty (the level that should be perfect for me) the CPU plays too conservative/ PTB style.
    I find legendary far more entertaining because at least the ai attacks but then on that level my teammate AI starts to act broken, taking a million touches and balls bouncing around like they are full of helium.
  • Jonx88
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    I usually play all my matches on Proffessional but when i play in Champions league or against a top 4 team i change it to legendary this makes it the most realistic for me
  • CosmoKramer
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    I play manager mode but lock to a player in matches (because player mode is so broken). In 16 I can't seem to get the difficulty set up to a point where the game is enjoyable and realistic. First season I played on World Class, second season I'm on Legendary but in both cases the opposition is passive and has little attacking threat regardless what I do with the sliders. All moving the sliders seems to do is affect my ability to create chances and score. So games will likely be a draw or a low score win. It's got to the point where I have little motivation to play the game which is a first for me with a FIFA title and a shame given the new features for CM.
  • Hey guys.

    I have the same problem. The step from professional to world class is big like the grand canyon long is! When i´ve won 4:0 or 5:0 or higher in an row and set it on world class, because its boring, i lose already! That´s not possible! That´s stupid! In fifa 14 i played the game on legend now i have to play it on professional and i fell asleep. If the next part is not really better i will not buy the part. i play the demo first and i decide it after this.
  • DSD27
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    Carreer mode is scri**d as fuc*.
    I used to play in past fifas, world class, against the top teams I used to win easily, and against some small teams the game sometimes becomes like ultra super legendary. Once I had to play the same match 15 times in order to win. And in the next matchday you play against a big clube like Barcelona and win 3-0 with ease at first time.
    I just dont play offline anymore. So dumb and frustrating. EA doesnt know how to put difficulty in their games, they do it the wrong way.....
  • Jonx88 wrote: »
    I usually play all my matches on Proffessional but when i play in Champions league or against a top 4 team i change it to legendary this makes it the most realistic for me

    been trying this out and this seems like the best option
  • MeanOnSunday
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    I think there are two things going on. One has been around forever in FIFA; early in the season difficulty is easy ( Whatever the setting in the menu) and then gets more difficult as the season goes on.

    Second is to me more disturbing. I always believed ( and to me EA implied) that in each action during a game there is some variability, shots and passes go off target, control is a bit better or worse. So basically if you do the same action 10x the result is not always the same. But I now believe that in the latest game engine EA cheated and to save in game processing there is a variability that is applied before the game. So that within a particular game every action has the same variation. So now you notice that in a particular game your first touch is very bad every time, or you hit the post 8 times, or even every single player runs more slowly than usual. Of course there will be other games where your first touch is always great, shooting on target, etc, but we tend to think of this as normal so we don't notice so much. To me this is very lazy and stupid. Sure sometimes a team plays bad, but every player all game?
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