How do I save a replay PS4 ??

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just scored a cracker using Ipswich - these things are rare !

Can someone tell me how to save it s can't find option anywhere. Can't go to next match till i find out or i'll lose it !



  • sonofocelot
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    Go to where ever you want to start your replay, hit the share button on your controller, hit triangle to save screenshot. You can delete this later but think of this as a marker for where your video clip is starting. Then run the replay until you want it to be the end of the clip. Now hit the share button again and hit square to save video clip :)

    A screamer from Ipswich is rare indeed!
  • marktko
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    Thanks - I know for next time now but had to just film it on my phone in the end !

    All I've ever used is Ipswich online seasons so as you note it's not often I need to save anything special !

  • Does anyone know how to save replays on fifa' 17 for Xbox 360?

    Obviously i dont have a share button on the 360's controller so thats not an option, and im getting frustrated because ive scored some magnificent goals but i cant save them or share them with anyone, and thats a bummer when youvve got messi-esque skills and youre wanting to show off...
  • I'm a LIVERPOOL FC fan...
    I obviously play Liverpool on Fifa18 ps4
    I score some cracking goals whilst playing the game...
    But, i get frustrated on how to save the replays of the goals i have scored thus video replays...
    Could somebody tell me how to save replays videos please to look back on & how to share my favourite goals by either Salah Mané Firmino Sturridge etc etc etc
    Any information will be great!!
    Thank You
  • Hi...
    I'm a LIVERPOOL FC fan...
    I like to change the appearance of my players on Fifa 18 ps4
    But, in the catalogue most of the items are locked...
    How do i UNLOCK the items in the catalogue that i want?
    Especially boots
    I can't seem to unlock the items that i want!!
    Any information would be great...
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