Paying extra for an improved career mode?

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Okay, here me out.......

I agree with anyone who says EA should be able to produce a game that has everything spot on for career mode, but this never happens. Bottom line, EA is a company, and their aim is to make money. Clearly the majority of their focus goes on Ultimate Team and human v human play for online games. That's where the biggest market is and most money to be made is.

So what about this. A DLC that upgraded career mode. A more in depth version of career mode that improved it at every level and removed all the rubbish that prevents it being the great mode it could be.

This would mean that those who aren't bothered about career mode don't have to pay a higher price for a version they wouldn't want to use, whilst those who enjoy career mode the most get a much improved version of a game mode they enjoy for a fee.

I'm talking things like extra leagues maybe, the addition of some club records being implemented, improved youth academy and scouting, more clear variation in how the AI teams play. I know many would maybe disagree, but I think a promise of a bit of extra revenue would help maybe shift some more focus on to career mode, maybe employing extra staff to get that stuff right.

I'd much rather pay extra for a much improved game version than have a game costing me £50 gathering dust on a shelf or not being used to its full potential.


  • DiBinni72
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    I would. Btw Somebody knows if you can become a captain of your team in offline be a pro ?
  • Jonx88
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    I get where your coming from mate but seriously it's £50 for the game and they make minimal changes to the engine each year, it's not like a standalone title like Skyrim that is built from the ground up, EA have the core of the game in place and should be able to focus their efforst into making better features, especially with the amount of £ they are making via FUT, i could maybe be persuaded to allow EA to take a couple of years to work and revamp career mode and leave Fifa 17 just running this years version of the career mode....maybe.

    I think the main problem is the complete shift towards online gaming, this means EA don't have to bother as much with offline game modes and the AI of the CPU etc, I honestly think career mode will eventually be completely online (with a gimmick that you have to pay £ for), the only offline modes will be kick off and custom tournaments.
  • Doubt they'd ever do it but I would happily pay more. I get more playtime out of Fifa than any other game, by some way.
  • It would be better if they outsourced the development of the career mode part of the game (or all offline) to some other developer – EA could still publish it and that way the official licenses would be intact. Surely a game based around offline Fifa/career mode would have enough people interested in buying it to make it worthwhile for a smaller developer. I'd rather have a small-time developer solely focused on offline Fifa than EA Sports' token improvements to career mode each year.
  • Add1cted
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    I pay £50 to only play career mode - and they cant even bug fix it properly, let alone bring in multiple new features to overhaul.

    I'd rather **** in my hands and clap than give them another penny
  • CosmoKramer
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    I wouldn't want to pay more for the career mode, sets a dangerous precedent, but I would happily pay the normal price for a game solely focused on career mode and have no FUT. Can't see they would ever split the games and put more development effort in though as their overall return wouldn't change significantly. We can only hope that at some point they recognise the fan base of the offline game and pull their thumbs out of their butts and implement some decent AI improvements and features. Oh and fix the bugs that have been plaguing the mode for years.
  • spritefun
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    This is a brilliant Idea for ALL fifa players (FUT AND CAREER), but unfortunately NOT EA! In other words, not gonna happen, why would they give up £60/$100 * ALL FIFA PLAYERS instead of your proposed scheme some money from career players and no extra money from FUT players, they would lose a lot, despite the insane amount of money they get from FIFA Points that could most likely end world hunger blah blah blah...
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