Number of penalties awarded

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Anyone else find it 10x easier to win a penalty in this version?

Fifa 15 I'd probably win 2/3 a season - I've not long upgraded to Xbox One so I'm in my first season with Leeds but after 25 or so games I must've had 10 penalties already. I even had 3 in one game.

Only missed one so far too which was when I hit the post. I've found if you hit the target it goes in, then again I do place it far into the corner/high into the net (hence missing one by hitting the post)


  • CosmoKramer
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    I have had a fair few, most have been correct but there have been a couple of ones where I couldn't see what it was given for. Overall I don't think it's too unrealistic (other than I play as Chelsea). Have had a few handballs which would have been stonewall pens but I don't have that turned on as the amount of FKs given for ball-to-hand would make the penalty count excessive.
  • Yea, there is a penalty shot in almost every game I play most of them from the CPU trying to slide tackle me.
  • YES, after the update when playing in Brittish league 2 the number of pen increased 200% and were given for almost nothing :( Afterhalf the season I applyed for a club in league 1 and the number of pen dropped alot. Another thing that suddenly happens ALOT now are goals being made and taken away because of offcide!! Which I've never before seen !!??
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