after about 3 years you suddenly realise

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5 training slots is nowhere near enough :D

part of the challenge i guess however, choosing between the 1st team or youth


  • MilkyBarKid16
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    From the start its not enough! I would like to see ten slots but be able to train the remaining strikers, midfielders etc.

    I suppose being able to train your whole squad would be too realistic...
  • CosmoKramer
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    Maybe it's to promote a bit of strategy as to who you train up in-house and who you loan out for development. Also, if you play the training yourself even 5 slots a week is pretty time consuming.
  • Nakusin
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    I think it's a balance thing, in essence the players are being trained in a sense, for example it's not like if you don't train a player they never increase in any way or form, training is very specific & tends to be overly beneficial so I think it's both a balance & a tactical thing & as said above, it's actually quite time consuming if you manually train every session, especially ones like Chance Creation & El Rondo where limit is time, in theory you could spend 8 minutes (first try & then 3 re-drills) on Chance Creation & if you had that for 5 different players that's 40 minutes of training.
  • piccolobsc
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    I'm only in my 2nd season and can't decide anymore. >.<
  • Rendax79
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    5 is more than ample. In just 2 seasons I've taken Son and Eriksen both to 88 OVR while letting the ones that grow naturally do so and bringing in high potential young players to grow without the need to play them. It's all about growing the right players at the right age. With 10 slots I'm pretty sure I'd have a full team of 90's within about 3-4 seasons and with minimal transfer spend.
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