Talk to press?????

Where is the talk to press button gone. I see the option on the calendar but there is no button.


  • CosmoKramer
    66 posts Park Captain
    Can't remember if I've seen it, I always get a mail about press conferences but I rarely bother as it seems pointless. Or am I wrong and it actually has a meaningful effect? It annoys me that you only get praise/unnerve options then it decides what you actually say about the opposition.
  • Not sure if it does really mate, probably not. Do you get what I mean though? The button used to be square on PS4 that button is now save so there is no way to access the feature that I can see? If anyone can check and let me know i would appreciate it.
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    No button, just have to read the email about the press conference and enter from there.

    Boy if they made this career mode in the same vein as nba2k, the president game press conference would be much more meaningful.
  • Thanks mate
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