Growth is fairly terrible

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So I'm doing a Crystal Palace career mode and am 32 games into the second season. Over that time Bolasie, Sako and Scott Dann have all made at least 50 appearances each. None of them have grown in any stat by a single point. I understand that they're not the youngest but all 3 were first team players for a good bit of the first season to no avail.

By comparison, Yohann Cabaye has played no more than 30 games total I'd say, yet at 31 years of age has grown by 2 to an 81. Meanwhile Jordan Mutch starting every league game bar about 5 has grown 2 to a 74, and only by me training him.

The system makes no sense whatsoever. Unless you train a player up they're pretty much damned to remain at their current overall unless they're randomly chosen by EA to improve (like Brek Shea in my Stoke career last year who grew to like 78 without playing a single game, having little potential and never going out on loan), and player's performances are not reflected in actual in-game statistical growth.

It's become a real annoyance for me that while I've brought Connor Wickham for example to an 80, a growth of 8 in just under 2 seasons, all bar 1 of that overall growth was down to me training him, despite him finishing as the 2nd highest scorer in the league year 1 and is again top 5 this year.

I presume others have had similar experiences, and I doubt there'll be anything done about it, but I just had to vent because apart from this frustration career mode is now better and more enjoyable than it has ever been. The Legendary AI do their best to make every game a 0-0 but that's another issue and it can be played around in a way that this simply cannot.

In conclusion, the end.


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    Don't have that issue myself. Don't play as Palace but a quick bit of research shows that Sako and Dann are at their full potential at the start of the game while Bolasie isn't far off. He will grow but probably later on in his career. Players that have plenty of potential grow fine. Those that are reaching their limits may only grow their overall by a point every season or 2 and some may go slightly beyond while others may get hampered by injury...which is as it should be.

    Not really sure what you're complaining about, at least now you have the option of using the trainer to take players past their potential while letting your younger players get better naturally.
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    Complaining more about the fact that Wickham has 79 potential yet in 2 years as one of the league's top scorers, were it not for my training him up, would be a 73. Jose Sa as well in goal, starts at 75 and has 84 potential. First season something ridiculous like 19 clean sheets, didn't grow a single stat until I trained him. This year in 32 games he has let in only 16 goals, not grown a single stat. It makes no sense.
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    Not really noticed it being better or worse than previous titles, some players grow well while others stagnate inexplicably. Tielemans for instance, widely regarded as the best developing player in the game, did nothing in my team or after I sold him in 15 and so far in 16 moved to Bayern and hasn't grown again.

    I've had a couple of supposedly promising players do nothing so far in 16 so have tried to kickstart them with some direct training but no idea if it'll make any difference. I have noticed some of my players lose their promising player tag in the training section despite still being very young, don't know if this means they are now not likely to reach their potential?
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    Just to say I really like the training and it's a fantastic addition, but it's not really enough when you've got 6/7 players that aren't growing in stats despite performing well in-game and you more or less have to give up on half of them and focus on the others due to only having the 5 drills a week and ideally needing 2-3 on each player for anything meaningful to happen.
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    Wickham has 78 pot with latest update. Given he's only 22 at the start and can only grow by 5 it's no surprise he won't grow too much in a short time. I agree that growth should be more performance related allowing players to reach potential earlier and giving them a better chance of going slightly beyond that potential...but regardless it does work properly within it's current limits. For Spurs I have the same problems with Kane, Son, Lamela and Eriksen, but they do grow eventually if I don't train them. Also since the +/- of potential for transferred/loaned players has been considerably nerfed, buying young players with big Ovr/Pot gaps is a lot less hit and miss as to whether they'll grow straight away.

    I personally think player growth in this version is the best of the series.
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    Players a growing enormously in my team, though I am playing lower league with young players (18-24 ish). Mix of training (not too much on each player) and experience.

    Do bear in mind that if you train your players they will grow less naturally. ie they have 3 OVR growth cap i one season but you train them up in one area repeatedly which boosts their OVR by 4. They wont grow in other areas. See the youth thread for more info.
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