4231 or 4231(2)?

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Last year I hated 4231 but everyone Likes it this year, is it Really that good?

Thought of sth like:
Özil IF - Sigurdsson IF (if He Gets wednesday an IF) - cazorla (Same)


  • Fumbler
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    The wide CAM's need a fair bit of pace, imho. Not sure those players would work well with that setup. The CCAM doesn't need any pace, though.

    I'd use a 451 if you wanted to use 2 CAM's together. That doesn't require much pace.
  • Vivvid
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    Awful wide cams
  • Scottish21
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    4231 (2).
  • DonMega
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    All three of those players are really only suited to the central CAM role. try using faster cams on the left and right or just use the second variation. Personally I like the basic 4231 because the cams are positioned higher up the pitch.

    Since you are using a bpl squad maybe try this, Coutinho - Ozil - Bojan
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