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I doubt I'm the only one, but tried a search and nothing came up.
Anyways drew the 4th round of the FA cup and the replay match was arranged the day after a league game, so I had to play the league game on Tuesday, the cup game on Wednesday, as well as the usual Saturday games either side, so even with squad rotation my team is heavily fatigued, worse that the replay went to penalties meaning more game time. I'm playing as rochdale but sold most players and signed most of the Chelsea youth/and loanees, so youth player stamina for a lot of players is already quite poor, which doesn't help the flawed situation. Also I'm seeing that all FA cup games standard seem to be on a Sunday, which I know real life some are played Sunday, but again ending up playing a league game on Tuesday, rather than Wednesday as would happen real world.


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    Once again, this has not been fixed. It really is unacceptable.

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    I thought it was better in 15 but have seen major fixture congestion twice in 16 in the first season now. Admittedly I'm part to blame for the latest one, it being caused by failure to beat Swansea in the FA Cup quarters but it is a pain when the squad is only 26 players deep (again my bad for loaning players out) and all the matches are crucial.

    I had 2 messages in 1 day about the same fixture being rescheduled for different dates and I had a fixture bumped from what would have been the next day to a couple of weeks later with only 2 days between games. Something screwy with their fixture algorithm.

    First season should be a no brainer for them as all fixtures and rematch dates are known in advance.
  • Yup. Exact same thing happened to me. Playing with Oxford in League 2, had a league game on the Tuesday and a cup replay with Palace on the Wednesday. How does this even happen?! I buy FIFA mainly for Career Mode and although there has been 1 minor improvement this year (player training), the same problems still remain.
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    I had something similar playing as WHU, where I have an FA Cup QF vs Hull on a Saturday and a league game against Tottenham on the Tuesday.

    Thats fine, but my game against Chelsea was moved from Saturday to Friday. The players will only have two days rest between games against good teams and I'll have to play a second string side against Spurs and probably lose. Not cool.
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