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How to take the 15 out of 16 1.02

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So we all know the new patch made things a lot easier to run past an opponent. It basically took the challenge out of the game and returned it to the pace fest of 15.

If you're playing only offline like me however then you have sliders to help try and create a better game. I was playing around with these at the weekend and among other things I realized that the main problem inst PACE as much as it's ACCELERATION. Just tweak it slightly.

I dropped pace to 49, and acceleration to 45. First touch error up to 53, passing speed down to 47, and passing error to 53.

Career mode feels so much better now, but this will work for all offline modes. Try it, let me know what you think.


  • mathial
    20 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I haven't played the game since before the patch. Is it noticable also in offline mode? Not as much as online I hope.. :sweat:
  • Add1cted
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    It was immediately noticeable, basically the game got very easy. Initially I thought it was just me but then came on here and everyone had felt it. I just found the above settings help to pull it back to a game where varied approaches are feasible
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