goals considered as own goal

I started a player career game as a striker. However, whenever I score a goal deflecting off goalkeeper it will be considered as own goal. My avg game score is suffering for this reason. Any fix?


  • Flanelman
    64 posts Park Captain
    Are your original shots on target?
  • CosmoKramer
    66 posts Park Captain
    This was a bug in the Beta but I've not had any dubious ones thus far in the actual game so not sure if it was fixed or still bugged. Was annoying as original shot was definitely on target when I had this.
  • Jonx88
    951 posts Semi-Pro
    I've had this a few times over the last few days it's quite annoying, had one where the GK was given the OG even tho he just got a fingertip to a goalbound shot, the other one it gave to a defender even tho you could not see him get a touch to the ball even on the replay and the shot was on target.
  • CosmoKramer
    66 posts Park Captain
    I've had a few more dubious goals since posting last and they've all been credited correctly - a couple to the attacker who's original shot was on target but deflected and one to a defender, it going in off him after the keeper saved the shot - so I'm not sure why it's an inconsistent bug now. I'm playing on World Class if that possibly makes any difference.
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