Worldclass AI

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Why worldclass mode in FUT 16 harder than 15? So hard to win with squad over 80.


  • Carlo
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    try out legendary bro :joy:
  • fiskzu
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    Yeah AI is difficult this year and at the same time boring as hell. It seems like every match is like Champions League final for them.
  • leon1309
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    What i hate on higher dificulties (and this happens on manager aswell) is that no look, from turn, from outside of the box, perfectly top corner placed goals in last minutes of the game...or crosses, no matter what player is crossing and with what foot, seeking out their strikers head perfectly (and there is no chanse they are missing the header)...
  • Imo wc isn't that hard, you just need to play possession and not make stupid passes. Don't attack them too close to their GK otherwise they will pass in the back. Legendary seems to be more aggressive, which is why I prefer it to WC.
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