[CHARGEBACK] If we cant refund, we can charge back! (accomplishments issue)

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Hello to you all,

I'm opening this post to invite all pro clubs players that got their accomplishments reset to do a chargeback directly with their own credit card.

I just tried to get a refund directly with Origin, but they didnt allow me to get the refund as I'm not claiming on the very first 24 hours.

The logic is simple:
  1. The issue is known since 09-24 and nothing has been done so far.
    1. Link: http://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/CURRENT-ISSUE-Fifa-16-Pro-Club-Overall-Reset/td-p/4807462
  2. There's no commitment from EA to finish this issue and they do not give us any Estimated time to fix it.
  3. We cannot get our money back by refund in Origin/EA, according to their policies, and we know that it's not FAIR.
    1. Chat conversation quote: http://imgur.com/jF4SsF2
  4. It's impossible to someone know about a technical issue while there's NO technical issue (first 24 hours of playing) and then claim for a refund;
    1. For Kamal (EA chat), it is: http://imgur.com/PNlsbyH
  5. We cannot be responsible for EA Sports development issues;
    1. For Kamal (EA chat) we can also be responsible: http://imgur.com/r32rgj7

We know that EA Sports is not giving a **** to pro clubs, now it's time to let them know that we have paid for this game, and it should work as expected.

Please comment/reply/"me too" if you also opened the chargeback with your credit card!


  • Duelcoot
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    You have a good point im fed up of these companys giving us partially finished games and then expecting to release future patchs to fix games that were not fit fir sale in the first place ea only care about fut for the cash
  • K.Nasa
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    edited October 2015
    My stats havent reset yet but if they do i will do this.
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