A lot of the problems go away if you play with full manual

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If you think about it Assisted shooting and passing is scripted because the AI is choosing the game for you. Full manual is the way forward.


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    whats youre gamer tag. I would like to add you. I want to play full manual but need people to test myself against.

    I use semi passing and semi shooting etm. rest manual
  • GoonerSoldier
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    HAHAH if only these so called "Skilled" players would have the balls to admit they are inferior. What manual solves is ping pong passing, ridiculous shots from impossible angles going in, etc, etc.
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  • Indoifk
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    I love full manual. I play with full manual against assisted online
  • PegasusXXVI
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    Full manual for the win!!!

    Assisted needs to disappear!!!
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