Manual passing

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Just tried manual passing for the first time, and never really thought about this:

Does my Bronze CB on his 2* weak foot have the same passing ability as Iniesta on his strong foot if manual passing is activated? If it really is 100% manual this should be the case, right?

Or are there any mechanisms within the game that prevent this situation?


  • paul24878306
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    Ive thought about it in FIFA 14 and 15 as well.

    What should happen (say should), is stats like passing shouldnt make a difference - as you say its down to you. Same with shooting (If you have manual shooting). Stats like speed, Physicality and pace obviously make a difference - as does defense (for when AI is controlling).

    right/left foot ability and skill moves are obviously important too as they make a difference to the players inherent ability.

  • xLeex82x
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    Generally yes you have control over the passing with manual. Although there is error built in depending on player stats for things like first time passes and there appears to be more inaccuracy on pass distance for things like through balls with weaker players i.e. over-hitting passes.

    Been playing only manual since 2009 and you don't get the random passes going astray like you do with assisted, unless you make the direction error yourself. You also don't get the ball passed to the wrong player!
  • simsieg
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    Yeah, expected there would be some differences still, and honestly if there wasn't it would be stupid :D

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