Training - EASFC Catalogue Boost Item

Can anyone shed light on what the new bonus item in the EAS catalogue for training actually affects - does the doubling of training effect work for a 1 week session of upto 5 players or the next 5 weekly sessions? Is there any way to see that it is active once you've purchased it?

As a side note, there seem to me to be a lot fewer items in the catalogue this year - fewer financial takeovers, scouting etc and are available at much lower levels? Or is it just the effect of the clearer categorisation of items maybe?


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    In BEAPRO is is only 5 Trainings SO ONE WEEK !!!

    And no you don't see if it is working ...

    You could check yourself, open Training and look how much you would gain with an A Rating ...
    go out of the Training BUY THE ITEM and look again, you will see it is DOUBLE, but this are the A Ratings ...
    a joke

    Already used all 3 or are there 4 ?

    There are only items up to Level 17 in the shop for Player career and they are a bunch of junk !
    Was better in the last years, but would overpower the VP now.

    Would enjoy some unrealistic items, like shoes which gives you Speed +1 or socks with Stamina +2 SO you could buy yourself different Outfits, if you need for the next game STAMINA, SPEED or AGILITY and so on ... so could be a max of 4 items you could wear for a plus of+4 ... in that way ...
    that would inspire you to buy different items !
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