Morata - Any good?

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Anyone used him? Stats looked good so I bought him with the plan of building a squad round him but not got round to it yet. Got about 35k to spend on the rest of the squad which doesn't look much considering the good Serie A players look expensive.


  • uhMaZiiNq
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    Very solid player. 35k is plenty for a decent serie A side I believe though.
  • B16Lad
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    Thanks, what squad did you use him in? Any other non-BPL players I should consider? Like the look of Calhanoglu, so might go down the Bundes route
  • domevans04
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    Morata is the king on 16! So good!
  • Danic123
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    Morata is really good.

    I have him up top with Palacio. Hamsick in behind & Insigne and Berardi at CM & Medel as DM. Top team with loads of pace & energy.
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