Reus False 9

Anyone tried Reus as false 9 in 7 chem?


  • Prince
    6117 posts Big Money Move
    I've used him their a couple times, he's a beast. You just gotta watch out for him being pushed off the ball easy
  • aldovelco
    156 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I've used him pretty much anywhere.
    Reus is a beast, in any attacking position. 7 chem doesn't even matter to him.
  • Hus
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    edited April 2015
    He is quite simply one of the best Cards on the game for me as F9 or Striker on 7 chem
    45 games 73 goals 28 assists . Used bale,neymar ,Robben, IF depay,Ribiery and all the rest do not compare imo(Cr7 only card close to reus on 7chem)

    His shooting is insane for me..longshots,finesse,Fks,left foot,right foot,headers the lot.
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