Last Xbox CC Forum Awards 2015 | Make nominations and confirm in the thread afterwards! #forumhype

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20 categories, you've got until 7 pm GMT to mention more you want to have included. Will get it prepared afterwards.

1. Best Forumer
2. Worst Forumer
3. Best Mod
4. gsomnnn-Memorial Award (biggest joke)
5. Delbss-Memorial Award (biggest braggart)
6. Most Active
7. Most Generous
8. Best Ban
9. Most Likely to Face Jail Time
10. Most Likely to become President
11. Best Forum Couple
12. Most Deluded
13. Most Coins Bought
14. Fastest Fingers
15. Best FIFA player
16. Best Haircut
17. Best Karma (not Karma Agent, but Karma Karma)
18. Drama Queen
19. Funniest
20. Most Sarcastic
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