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Apologies if this has already been asked.

Access gives you access 5 days before release.

Since release is the 22nd in the US and the 24th in Europe, for players in Europe will EA access let you play 5 days before US release or 5 days before Europe release?

Logic would say 5 days before release in your region, but I think I remember someone saying that access is 5 days before US release for everyone, regardless of the region.


  • SteveG
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    Judging by last year, it will be 5 days before the US, Last year EA Access was released on the Friday before Fifa came out in the UK which was 7 days.
  • Viggo 007
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    I actually bought Fifa 16 in my country in Europe, then I switched my console system to US and it says 22/9 instead of 24/9. But anyway, the early release is 5 days early for US and 7 for all, basically early release date is 17th Spt for everyone
  • djrexdk
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    How do you get this early release ???
  • TMaher7
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    EA Access is available for UK based players on the 17th, same as the US.
  • Dr.Strange
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    Didn't I read elsewhere that release of early access as well as release dates will be same WW ?
  • chaser2k15
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    So buying ea access now and cancel at the end of the month.
  • Dico
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    The dates will be the same but overall, word of warning. Be careful on changing your regions if you're downloading. There's reports that if you pay in one region to get a price reduction or early release it won't work full stop as you're not based there. You don't get a refund either so be very careful on region swapping and downloading!
  • djrexdk
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    is it only for the us and uk players ??
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