Since I got my new team

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The game turned into a brawl. The rate is real.


  • What team are you playing with atm?
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    Higher rated?
  • Maradona
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    Dani Alves, Alba
    TOTY Ramos, Varane
    TOTY Kroos, TOTY Iniesta
    Ronaldo, Vela

    I had Messi in Fifa 13, plus some TOTY. Since I got Ronaldo, can't cross midfield and it's sliding tackles all over and a general negative attitude. Plus the shhhh when scoring and not to mention rage quits, a guy left a game that was a draw today.

    TOTY Ramos is nasty. Hard to beat him, and when I'm behing, I put all out attack and he's better than 90% of attackers in the game.
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