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Just finished reading the improvements list for FIFA 16 career mode and I must say, for the 5th year running, I'm disappointed.

Again, the career mode has been totally neglected. Adding a few pre season tournaments and faffing around with transfer fees ia not enough.

We still cannot:
- Create a new team
- Create a new club crest
- Change the morale of our VP
- Interact with players who send emails in manager mode
- Edit kits each season (gets boring playing the same kits each season)
- Change sponsors and kit manufacturers based on performance
- Upgrade stadiums and facilities
- Do anything with player salaries

I'm sorry guys, but as much as I've been a FIFA supporter all these years, (over 4 consoles/generations of gaming) I can simply no longer justify paying 40 quid for what is essentially a reskin and roster change, with a few other small alterations (which could easily be applied in a game update at a significantly lower cost)

I have already pre ordered PES 16 as at least on this, I can edit my kits, stadiums and even the face of my teams manager.... yes, my team, we can create those on PES.

I've held out for so long hoping FIFA would come to its senses and add these features to the game, but it seems like it'll never happen now.

Being a member of the FIFA career mode development team must be the easiest job ever... just sit there and do nothing.


  • Does anybody ever post on here? For official forums, they are dead.
  • LaMertesackerRun
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    Just this section that's quiet, it's much more active in the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team section.

    I take it this is suggestions based on the Beta?
  • Rumplefish
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    You're forgetting that this if Fifa and not Football manager. None of what you're suggesting is crucial for the game, just some nice things to fiddle with them when you're not playing. The focus should be on playing the game, developing young players and transfers. All the other stuff are nice but is and should be on a very low priority.

    Oh and this is the wrong section. This section is for "Forum" feedback, not game feedback.
  • I don't think it is a low priority. Every year, EA bang on about it being the most genuine football sim available. There should be a great deal more in running a team in career mode.

    But its boring as hell after a couple seasons.

    Particularly seeing the same kits 10 seasons in a row, playing against the same teams every season, being bid on by the same teams every season. Its like groundhog day with a football twist.

    Furthermore, it wouldn't harm anyone having these suggestions included. People could just ignore them if it ain't their thing.

    But, at the end of the day, I want to create my own unique team and build it up from the bottom. That would be higly satisfying. Not bouncing back and forth between Man City, Real Madrid, Barca and PSG doing the same thing every season.
  • End of the day, people are getting bored with career mode, and not everybody is into FUT. I grew out of trading cards years ago.

    If FIFA continue to allow every other mode besides FUT stagnate the way they are right now, the game is going to be left behind. I've quietly watched PES progress more and more over the last few years, whilst FIFA stood still and if I was EA, I'd be pretty worried. They seem to be gaining ground fast.

    I'm particularly looking forward to PES 16, because it is something DIFFERENT and not a reskin of the same game I'vd been playing for all of these years.
  • Scoot
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    I agree that improvements to career mode are not low priority - improvements should never be a low priority.

    It just feels like career mode could be a whole lot better if they invested the time in it. When you look at all the other types of games out there with the amount of content they have, you think they could do a lot more..
  • Completely agree Scoot. End of the day, if EA want to charge us 40-50 every year for a new fifa, the least they can do is make it different and actually invest some time into it, instead of focusing everything into FUT.

    This is the reason I'm done with fifa and am waiting on PES 15 to be delivered. Because even in the time between now and when my PES 16 pre-order arrives, I am so damn bored silly with fifa, I can't even be bothered playing it anymore.
  • Scoot
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    Completely agree Scoot. End of the day, if EA want to charge us 40-50 every year for a new fifa, the least they can do is make it different and actually invest some time into it, instead of focusing everything into FUT.

    This is the reason I'm done with fifa and am waiting on PES 15 to be delivered. Because even in the time between now and when my PES 16 pre-order arrives, I am so damn bored silly with fifa, I can't even be bothered playing it anymore.

    I agree with some points. I am at a good place with 15 at the moment (thanks to sliders!) so I am going to wait for what people think of it on release before I think about purchasing it myself.

  • Check my post:


    You can add it up to my reasons of why the new FIFA 16 doesn't deserve it's money.
  • Can't agree more dude. Those stadium, kits, player interactive and things has been requesting for so long, I have also seen some positive opinions how to have them with low investing.

    I'm so in to career mode, some people may say no its not actually manager game, but this is how EA promote this mode, so I believe EA has responsibility to listen to people who pay for the game and giving opinions.

    FUT is so making money for EA, but the improvement career mode is way behind what to be expected.
  • Ggggoooopppp
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    And again I strongly sure that it would be separated FUT and all other modes. Because it's obviously that now more of EA efforts direct to FUT enhancements. Thus for career mode improvements rest less efforts.
    For FUT there is not necessity to license any leagues or teams with their kits and stadiums. They can just make it free in view that players will buy FUT coins.
    And career mode players will agree to pay their money for more realistic and closer to real live game.
  • Tell you what guys, got PES 15 in the post this morning and if you're willing to overlook the odd unlicensed team here and there, it is definitely much better and actually PROVES that a lot of what is wrong with fifa is fixable.

    For instance, the UEFA champions league and Europa League tournaments (oh how nice it is to hear those official anthems and see those official graphics) are superb. Players actually have the official arm patches for each tournament (plus the respect patches) on the kit sleeves. Additionally, when the two teams come out of the player tunnel, the champions league trophy has one ribbon on eaach side coloured to match both finalists. For instance, the Chelsea/Roma final I played had one blue ribbon one side and one yellowy orange ribbon on the other.

    During the intro to tournament matches, it has the round tournament flag on the centre circle.

    So much effort has gone into the small details. I also notice they have away goals too. These things may seem to small to some, but they make all the difference to me.

    Also, the kit lettering/numbering looks infinitely better than the stretched mess on fifa kits.

    Gameplaywise, the games are much more challenging, even on lower difficulties. Instead of 7 nil canters I was doing constantly on fifa, I'm getting a few 1 nils, some draws and even a few defeats too. All because the defenders are alert and defend in numbers. I recognise fifa are doing something with defenders this year, but pes had this cracked last year.

    If they can get more licensing, I see this game as a serious contender soon. Really opened my eyes to how lazy and short sighted EA have been with fifa.

    I don't mind them working on FUT a bit, IF they evenly work on every other mode in the game. But they haven't. I actually ran the career modes on fifas 12, 13 and 14 yesterday to compare them, and there really isn't any difference in them at all. Same with other modes but fut. To release a game that is pretty much 75 percent the same thing as last year is a huge sign of how little regard or respect these devs at EA has for its players.

    I hope many more players follow my example. Only way EA will ever release a COMPLETE new game as opposed to a weak full priced update every year.

  • Also, another thing PES 15 has done is actually put effort into the cut scenes where you lift trophies. Not some confetti and a quick clip of the generic mandatory marquee photo.

    You see convincing excitement from the players, you see the dude engraving the teams name onto the trophy, you see the players raise the trophy in the stands, then carrying the trophy around the pitch celebrating, posing for photographers, and lifting it in front of fans. Quite a long clip aswell. I enjoyed it.
  • Ggggoooopppp
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    @JustAnotherGuy01 please tell are there all licensed teams from League Champions? If that I will really think to buy it
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